Summit These Historic 7000 m Peaks of Central Asia

Whether climbing one or all five of these majestic peaks of Central Asia, doing so will be an adventure of a lifetime. Successful climbers of all five gain the title of “Snow Leopard”. Join Kazakh Adventures on a climbing expedition during the months of July and August. Let us coordinate your travel and schedule, and let our expert and knowledgeable guides safely take you to the summit and back.

Communism Peak

Climb the highest peak in the Pamir Mountains at 7495 m (24,590 ft). Climbers have been attracted to this huge craggy mountain for decades.

Khan Tengri Peak

This beautiful 7010 m (22,999 ft) pyramid-like peak rises a couple thousand feet above other peaks in the area resulting in panoramic views from the summit.

Korjenevskaya Peak

At 7105 m (23,311 ft), Korjenevskaya Peak offers climbers about 10 different routes of varying difficulty. A magnificent view of the Pamirs awaits at the summit.

Lenin Peak

The most accessible and frequently visited, accent to the top of Lenin Peak, at 7134 m (23,406 ft) isn’t as difficult as the other 7000 m peaks.

Pobeda Peak

The highest point in the Tian Shan Mountain range, Pobeda Peak occupies a special place in the history of mountaineering. Considered “the coldest mountain on earth.”